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Carol Vorderman left red faced as Susanna Reid takes swipe at star | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Mei 02, 2019
Category: Entertainment,Gossip

Carol Vorderman ventured on to Good Morning Britain today to discuss supporting the Cleft Lip and Palate Association - CLAPA.

Carol’s brother, Anton, was born with a cleft palate, and has since been through a number of surgeries to improve his way of life.

And the Vordermans were eager to talk about the organisation and how they are working to help people with clef lip and palates.

However GMB host Susanna Reid later prodded Carol with what she is doing next, and what she had been doing lately.

Carol cheekily answered: “Mischief!” before Susanna moved on to discuss a recent photo in the newspapers.

To which Carol attempted to explain: “I had a very long breakfast with the boss!”

She went on to add that seeing the photos in the paper was “a bit of a shocker.”

On what she has coming up, Carol said: “No, I’m just up to miscellaneous mischief!”

Susanna couldn’t help but jokingly take a swipe at the former Countdown star, as she jabbed: “And sometimes you drag me into that nonsense, Vorderman!”

Carol couldn’t help but chuckle at the entire ordeal before leaving the set.

On CLAPA and growing up with her brother, Carol explained: “Mum and our father separated when I was three weeks old - so Anton looked after me.

“When I was growing up primary school age mum was working, Anton taught me how to play chess, we used to go jumbling.

“Anton’s influence on me was as big as any teacher’s.”

Because of her brother’s condition, and the influence he had on her life, she went on to support the CLAPA foundation.

She continued: “So I’ve been a patron of the CLAPA association for 25 years.

“Because it’s the most common head and face condition in the world .”

Carol arrived on the ITV morning show shortly after revealing details on her recent laser eye surgery.

She posted on Twitter: “Evening all… #ClearLensGlasses only to stop any dust in eyes in London traffic… don't need them anymore to read… yaaay…

“#LaserEyeOp ⁦@DrDanReinstein⁩… mind you it's a bit like an optical hokey-cokey… on off on off…”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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